As a wholesale seller, using PIMFLARE to automate your business processes can significantly improve your business performance. It enables you to manage information quickly, standardize imperfect data, enrich product information, and expand your presence across marketing channels. With extensive communication with stakeholders in an international ecosystem, PIMFLARE can help your business grow rapidly in all dimensions.

When Power of Infinity in Your Hands

Our advantages

easy to use

PIMFLARE simplifies data management with one-click functionality. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to access and organize your data efficiently and effectively.

Power of customization

PIMFLARE is customizable to suit your needs, with the ability to personalize settings to meet your preferences. Create a unique data management system that works for you.

Data sharing

PIMFLARE’s data-sharing feature is unparalleled by other systems, making it easy to collaborate and share data with colleagues and clients.

E-commerce integration

Manage product data easily with PIMFLARE’s e-commerce integration. Our software optimizes workflows, boosts productivity, and keeps data up-to-date.

Cast a Spell on your Data

The Magic of Automation!


PIMFLARE has an import product information management solution that enables businesses to centralize and optimize their product data. It offers features for tracking changes, validating and enriching data, and integrating with other systems. PIMFLARE also provides analytics and reporting tools to help businesses improve their sales performance.


PIMFLARE helps businesses enrich their product information by collecting, managing, and updating data from different sources. Platform features include data validation, translation, and customization to improve product data quality. As well as adding attributes to product information, PIMFLARE can create relationships between categories and products for easier navigation. 


PIMFLARE exports product information in XML, CSV, and API formats to various sales channels and platforms. The platform allows customization and automation of the export process and provides analytics and reporting tools to optimize performance. With PIMFLARE, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase sales. 


PIMFLARE lets businesses share product data with internal teams and external partners in a streamlined and organized manner. The platform allows businesses to collect, manage, and enrich product data using customizable portals for different user groups. It improves collaboration and keeps data accurate and current. 

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If you as a wholesaler, are persisting to find a collection of general business solutions, our PIMFLARE designed white papers can be your best course of action.


PIMFLARE events are a group of circumstances that targets to share some relatable experiences, today’s science and also questions to ask with wholesalers.


Go through PIMFLARE tutorial and meet our engaging training videos. They walk you through all the PIMFLARE unique features and raise your specialized and practical knowledge in using our service.

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PIMFLARE e-catalogue enables you to find any answer to any question within a few seconds. It is a free flow of information that broadens your general knowledge about our super product.


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Answers to your possible questions

frequently asked questions

PIMFLARE’s wholesale import solution centralizes data, tracks changes, validates and enriches information, and integrates with other systems. It also provides key insights into customer behavior and trends to optimize sales performance.

PIMFLARE’s all-in-one solution for product information management allows wholesale businesses to easily collect, manage, and update data from a variety of sources. Data validation, translation, and customization ensure accuracy and reliability, and connecting categories and products simplifies navigation.

PIMFLARE offers XML, CSV, and API exports with customizable and automated export processes for maximum efficiency. Analytics and reporting tools help wholesalers optimize performance and increase sales.

PIMFLARE allows internal teams and external partners to share product data through customized portals tailored to their needs. Features like data management, enrichment, and validation provide improved collaboration and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of data.

Yes, PIMFLARE provides advanced automation capabilities and tailored databases that give wholesalers the insights they need to make informed business decisions.

PIMFLARE’s all-in-one solution for product information management simplifies the process of collecting, managing, and updating data from a variety of sources.

Yes, PIMFLARE’s powerful analytics and reporting tools help wholesalers optimize performance and increase sales by providing key insights into customer behavior and trends.

PIMFLARE allows wholesalers to customize portals for sharing product data with internal teams and external partners to meet the specific needs of each group.

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